The One that Got Away

Leica-M240-Lux50AsphAfter allot of thinking I did go for the smart (a way to justify the price on Leica gear) choice and sold my 50mm Noctilux F/1.0 E58 – 1975. A lens originally sold in Sweden has now left the Country. Just days after selling it I told the buyer to contact me if he ever decided to sell it.
You se Leica is nothing about making the “smart” choice it’s all in the heart of the user. I did love the rendering of that lens. I had no problem with the weight of it, in my opinion it was a very well balanced lens with the M-body. The only small negative with the lens was the MFD (set to 1 meter in stead of the now 0,70 meters) however shooting that lens att MFD was difficult to say the least and reducing the DOF even more with a shorter MFD is probably just plain foolish, thats one of the reasons (in my mind) that Leica staid with the one meter limit even on the new F0.95 Nocti. Okay there is probably one more thing that pulled the Nocti down. trying to be discreet using a Nocti in street photography is like trying to pull of getting in to Taj Mahal with a tripod… You might make it but it’s not likely to happen.

_DSC0598So why did I go for the “Smart choice”? well being a landscape photographer back when I had the all Canon gear I just loved the drama that a wide angle-lens can produce. I loved the 15mm on the M9 but I hated all the problems that the colorcast that that CV produced. I sold that one and went for a CV 21/F4.0 and that one didn’t bring that sharpness I was looking for. So that was gone in a heartbeat as well. All the time my eyes was on the Leica Lenses. So now we are back in the days of being smart. I had to let the Noctilux go to be able to complete my setup with the real Leica deal a 21mm Elmarit F/2.8 pre Asph, I even tested the Aspherical version, however sometimes the difference is not as good as the price increase.

With this lens and the 50mm Summilux F/1.4 Asph. I hope that I will be satisfied for a period of at least one month… however I know my self by now and when something shows up or I get a new ghost in my mind it’s hard to get rid of it.

All the product photos are produced with my Sony RX1 and a cheep solution of lightbox.

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