The Pearl of the Persian Gulf

How does your eye interpret the world, that is your goal as a Photographer to bring out of your photos and present to the viewer. But wait… the eye is just a aperture ring and a sensor that collects the information, so in reality it is your brain, your experiences, your development and your emotions that decide what you see. Take for instance a robbery that 10 different people with different backgrounds and different evaluations in life, are witnesses to. You would probably see a pattern between the different stories, they are in the same area at the same time so much will add up but as you would dig deeper into the questions things like health, stress, emotional status and more will create different stories of what just happened.
The same it is with photography, place 10 different (sports, fashion, Landscape, travel, animal, macro etc.)  photographers in front of a beautiful scenery, you can tell by the pictures that they have been at the same place but they will all tell a different story.

The Pearl of Quatar

That is the beauty of this art form. When a bunch of photo enthusiasts go out on a photowalk it might look kind of strange that everybody points the camera in the same direction… but give the exact same photo to everybody in the group and I can almost promise that the will all be different… use this to your advantage next time you are on your way some where. check out 500px or some other photosite and search for interesting spots in that area, it’s then up to you to tell your story to the world.

Dubai Waterfront night-Redigera-2The skyline of Doha screams after the saturation slider.

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