The truth of the Rangefinder

A bull in the parkWith my new Voightländer 15mm attached to my camera I took the opportunity to try it out while waiting for my family to appear in the middle of the buzzing Södermalm. Trying to imagine what would stick to the sensor when you can’t se what the lens sees is as close to creative suicide as you can get, on the other hand it can be refreshing if you stay away from the RF and just trust your instinct.

Trying to frame anything is an impossible task so why try?
Well for me it’s knowing that I actually planed it to be that way.

Is the lens for Street photography? Well hmm up till now I would say NO… Why? Well to be able to show that intimacy with the people that you interact with on the streets you would have to be so close to them that you would not only smell what they wore eating but they would probably mistake your mouth for their. However This is just day 2 in my test of this lens so it might change.

Catholic Cathedral

The Catholic Cathedral Södermalm, one of those impossible to frame situations when you only se 1/3 of what the sensor will get… but it’s fun to try.Catholic Cathedral crop2

I just could not resist showing 100% crop of the amount of detail and sharpness this combo can deliver, upscaled to 1200pixels Catholic Cathedral crop1Another crop from the lower right corner, The magenta is there… I’v not yet found the time to take care of Cornerfix, but I will get there.

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