Together not Alone

Sorry for not publishing any picture yesterday. Once in a while you get stuck in something your not supposed to, but it happens. Peru is the place to be, whatever you are looking for. Take this two parrots, they might have never meet if it wasn´t for Peru. The day of the animals… this day we visited a recovery home for wild animals. a place for recreation and relaxing building up the muscles to be able to survive in the wilderness again but I dont think this parrots will leave this place any time soon…


So about the picture…

Canon 20D
Sigma EF-s 18-50mm f/2.8
at f6.3
ISO 100

Today most “high end” cameras can remove the vignetting in the camera calculated on algorithms that the lens producesers supply. Or if you prefer, you can adjusted it in your choise of photo editing software but remember always take your pictures in RAW-format… The picture of today is not in RAW. Returning to the subject, removing the light loss is a good thing but after that, adding a vinjet that you have control over is a great way to enhance the main subject. The picture was processed through Lightroom and Photoshop with some help from my friends Topaz Adjust and NiK Color Efex Pro.

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