Tree House

Walking down the streets of Amsterdam and you get to se the most bizarre things. It feels like a cramped place like Amsterdam would be filled up to the maximum to take advantage of the small amount of land that is available but from time to time you will find this abandoned town houses, okay I guess that someone owns it and just waits for the money train to drop by.


So about the picture…

Canon 50D
EF-S 18-50mm f/2.8
at f5.6
ISO 100

So like most of my recantly published pictures, this photo is from a single exposure. To find information in the highlights and shadows I just pulled the exposure slide in Ligtroom back and forth to see whats available. After that, the process of using that information comes into place. The easiest way is to simply export the picture into a HDR program that uses the Tonemapping features, but then again it´s not always the easiest way that is the best solution. In stead I use the brush in lighroom to enhance different features in the picture. After that I export it to Photoshop, processing a copy of the layer in Topaz to add some HDR-feel without blowing the whole frame to bits. Blending the layers together and hopefully the outcome is what you are looking for.

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