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websitesDOF and AOV, Sometimes I get stuck in the technical side of photography and thats when this 2 sites come in handy. I have allot of times thought about Dept Of Field at various distances, and tho it’s nothing that I calculate when I´m out photographing it´s a great thing to know how much DOF you have att minimum focus distance and maybe around 3-4 meters to be able to photograph more efficient. As an example my Summicron 50/2 at f/2 has at MFD only 2.18cm of DOF but at 3 meters that number changes to 42,7cm. even tho it’s obvious that I have to be more careful when focusing on near subjects then the ones further away it´s lets me know that I have quite a wide spann and dont have to be spot on at 3 meters but on the other hand focusing on the nose of someones face at 70cm will put the eyes out of focus.. Then again its better to be spot on all the time.

So for this, a handy site is DOFMaster

When it comes to Angle Of View, this is more when I think about the next lens to invest in. I want to know what coverage my lens has and how much more I will get out of a different focal length. Sometimes it’s just fun to play around when you have nothing els to do.

So why not check out Aaron Isotton

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