Voigtländer Super Wide Heliar 15mm f/4.5 LTM – First Thoughts

Finaly, today I received the 15mm Voigtländer, I went for the LTM version of this lens mainly because of the 30cm minimum focus distance and combined with the DOF of this lens I hope will led to mastering the science of zone focusing.
It was a long wait for me, ordering from the German dealer Foto Mundus was a quick and painless exercise but the transport in Sweden arg<!>*>}~?>?><*^*++#, I can say only one thing. The only reason that Posten Logistics in Sweden survives is because they are government owned, they have no clue what “service” is and sadly the only thing I can do is sit in my apartment and yell at the walls because the reaction from them are alike.

Lets get on with it:

This little lens is a beauty, I went for the silver version a lovely contrast to the black M9 body. It’s so tiny that my Summicron 50 looks like a giant. Not being totally sure that I would like the plastic 15mm viewfinder which is normally included in the kit I decided to by the lens without the VF, there is a alu-version of the VF so we will se in time. The RF on the camera only shows about 1/3 (?) of the image so that doesn’t help allot but adding an external viewfinder to the camera is a huge step for me, taking away the sleek design of the M9, but for serious Landscape and Architecture you might need it so we will se what happens in the future. This is just a short summery of my first thoughts and feelings of the lens, I’ve only taken about 7 frames with it so far and I want to play with it a bit more before writing a review.

Cornerfix issue… Well in the camera display everything looks normal apart from the strong vignette. But my god when looking at it on the computer. The magenta cast is “slightly” over the top, not being able to do the process of configuring Cornerfix I went for the manual way instead.
The following images shows the potential risk, result and awesomeness of this little lens.Leica Wide Original

The original (if you had to ask), you can se the strong magenta cast on the left and the slightly cyan on the right adding to this a strong vignette. Leica WIde edit

The potential of this lens is amazing. just have to learn the way to live without a viewfinder that actually shows what the final image will be. The sky might be a bit overly blueish but then again it was one of those days.Leica WIde B&WWithout removing the magenta and cyan the lens does a great job as a B&W lens. 

In time I will give you my full review of this great little thing.

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