When Fall Takes Over

To continue the celebration of a new Leica I wanted to publish a few more photos. These are from Sundays walking around my backyard.

As of now I have managed to work through: Two Leica M9 (one black and one grey).
Two Leica M type 240 (one black, one silver) And now the Leica M8.

Most of the time it’s that feeling of Leica that I have searched for every time that I have been without one, and when it’s been in my possession, my mind has always been on the amount of money that is invested in the body and glass.

This is definitely not the ultimate setup when it comes to Leica but it’s definitely the cheapest. No I do not take film-body’s into account.
The M240 delivers a modern system and look.
The M9 had the right character of a Leica with full frame.
The M8 gives you the feeling of Leica.
Your stuck on iso 160 and a cropped 1.33 sensor but does it really matter? The 10mp sensor, okay in today’s standard that’s just not good enough. However with a rangefinder your always going to have the issue with not 100% correct calibration specialy when it comes to “third party lens manufacturers”. With Leica glass you can always go the expensive root and send glass plus body to Soloms to get it calibrated to your liking. With that said what does the amount of pixels have to do with the rangefinder calibration? Not that much an out of focus image is out of focus no matter 10 or 50mp so in this regard I only turn to the money invested. For me it feels ok to work with a lens thats not 100% with the body due to the price. But invest allot and you expect more. In the case of Leica that often means that you’ll have to get the help from their craftsmen in Soloms.

I know I won’t keep this body or lens forever. It would be a lie to say that and at this point a lie that no one would believe in due to my history.

The Leica M-D would be the ultimate challenge however I would prefer that one to have the M9 or for that matter the MM sensor.
The SL is something I’m allso dreaming of and one day I will own but for now I will settle for the M8… At least for a while.