Why you need a 800mm f/5.6 L IS USM

So why would you need one? Well It would not be your everyday lens and using it as a street tool would if certainly interesting not really the right way to go… So what is it for?

Take a look at the wild animal at the picture down below, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to capture a… hmmmm what who changed the images to a horse? okay its probably someones love but then again its just a horse. However it’s still the perfect subject to show you what I mean. I was walking around in this lovely park of the Castle Skokloster about 50km outside of stockholm when I saw this horse, its not a beauty but the light gave him the opportunity to be the star of the day.

I quickly zoomed my 100-400 to the outrageous 400mm tele end. just to find out that If I was standing with an armslength from him I might have gotten this shot without cropping the hell out of the image.


Cute horse, lovely light… as always it’s the light.
IMG_2309Strange that you you think a 400mm would make a massive difference when it comes to hunting wildlife.

So this means that you have to run around with an 800mm in your jack-pocket? Priced at $13,249.00 at B&H Photo might be the only issue but then we get to weight, this little piece of equipment adds an additional 4.49kg to your light DSLR gear. Hmmm there must be an alternative… well why not add a teleconverter those are cheap (compared to the above) but this puts you in the position where you have to manually focus, no problem as long as you are on a tripod (I think thats recommended for the 800mm as well) and use live view and this is a important thing, the target is static, or not moving that fast. Now some clever dud comes and tells me well the new 5D mark III and the 1Dx can auto focus at f/8 so why not add a 1.4X teleconverter instead of the 2.0X, well because the 1.4 will give you an effective 560mm while using a APS-C sized sensor would give you a whopping 640mm while maintaing the amount of light hitting the sensor… so before heading out to buy a 800mm… look at those cheap “non-pro-grade” houses.

I will on the other hand continue to crop the hell out of my photos.

One more just to show that I’m serious whit this cropping thing:

Horse head

Out of focus… and not the most handsome one to lay your eyes on but that light. Ohhh I just love itHorse head original

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